Sutherland HDL Onsite Training Workshops

Sutherland HDL onsite training workshops are held at your facilities and presented by recognized industry-expert instructors. Onsite workshops can be scheduled at a time and location that is most effective for an engineering team. Course topics can be customized to meet the needs of the engineering team.

All that is required for an onsite workshop is a conference room of adequate size (we recommend the room accommodate at least twice as many people as the number being trained, to ensure ample table space for open binders and laptop or desktop computers).

All Sutherland HDL training workshops involve labs. The standard course flow is for a lab to follow each chapter (this flow can be customized to meet class member needs, such as lecture in the morning and labs in the afternoon). Labs can be completed in two ways:

Onsite training labs are crafted to have engineers work together in teams of two, in order to encourage discussion between engineers during the labs on how the concepts in the lab can be used in actual projects. Discussion during lecture and labs is strongly encouraged and facilated in all Sutherland HDL workshops. This teamwork means the number of laptop or desktop computers required is only 1/2 of the number of engineers attending the workshop.

Pricing and terms for onsite workshops

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Sutherland HDL training workshops are also available as:

•  Instructor-led eTutoredlive online workshops

•  Instructor-mentored eTutoredself-paced online workshops

•  Licensed training materials for use in in-house training programs