Sutherland HDL's Privacy Policy

Privacy - Use of Your Information

Sutherland HDL might collect your name, e-mail, phone number, or other information when you contact us for information, request to be notified regarding our open-enrollment workshop schedule, or register for one of our training workshops. Sutherland HDL will not willingly or knowingly share your name or contact information with any person or organization outside of Sutherland HDL, Inc. and its legal affilliates.


Payment Security

Phone and FAX orders are taken directly by our company staff. No third party services of any kind are involved in collecting payment information. A reputable credit card processing service is used to processing credit card payments received by phone or FAX. On-lne payments are transacted using a reputable payment processing service, using a secure server and encryption technology. Sutherland HDL will never willingly or knowingly share your credit card information to anyone outside this processing service.