Sutherland HDL eTutored™ Live Online Training

Sutherland HDL eTutoredlive online workshops are instructor-led workshops that provide all the same learning benefits as classroom based training, but with greater flexibility to mix expert training and work responsibilities. As a "virtual classroom", engineers can be located at any number of sites, and in any time zone.

eTutoredlive workshop are conducted using online meeting software, such as WebEx. A recognized industry expert Sutherland HDL instructor leads an interactive presentation and discussion using the same training materials as with onsite training workshop. The online meeting session is typically 4 hours, and covers 2 to 3 course chapters. Following the online meeting, engineers work on the labs for those chapters at their own time and pace. Labs can be completed in two ways:

eTutoredlive online workshops are presented as:

As with all Sutherland HDL training workshops, interactive discussion is a vital part of learning the workshop topics. The online meetings are designed to keep attendees engaged and sharing ideas in the virtual classroom (Mr. Sutherland holds both engineering degrees and a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in online learning). Each day's online meeting begins with a discussion of the previous day's labs and how those concepts might apply to actual engineerng projects. In addition, as engineers complete each lab, they are asked to submit their work via e-mail for Sutherland HDL's expert instructor to review and comment on best coding practices. The instructor is also available via e-mail, Skype or screen-sharing online meetings to answer questions as engineers work on the labs. The Sutherland HDL expert instructor is a one-on-one tutor for each engineer attending the online workshop!

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Sutherland HDL training workshops are also available as:

•  Instructor-led onsite private workshops

•  Instructor-mentored eTutoredself-paced online workshops

•  Licensed training materials for use in in-house training programs