Sutherland HDL eTutored™ Self-paced Online Training

Perhaps the most novel way to learn SystemVerilog in the industry, Sutherland HDL's eTutoredSelf-paced online workshops provide instructor-assisted, comprehensive training anytime and anywhere -- the utmost in schedule flexibility.

Developed by eLearning experts using state of the art online learning techniques, eTutoredself-paced training is an asynchronous web-based course that engineers can complete at their own pace from a PC, laptop or tablet. Each course is divided into chapters that comprise several short lessons. Each lesson has four learning options, which can viewed in any order:

  1. A 5 to 10 minute lecture presented by an expert Sutherland HDL instructor. Viewing the lecture is similar to sitting in on a traditional training class.
  2. An e-book with additional information and examples on the lesson topic. The e-book is part of the training materials, and can be kept after the course is completed.
  3. A brief review of the lesson. The review serves as a handy reminder of the lesson topics, that can be viewed any time during the course.
  4. A short quiz on the lesson topics. Engineers can take the quiz at the start of the lesson to see if they already know the topics in that lesson. If so, they can move on to the next lesson. Engineers can take the quiz again at the end of the lesson as a "sign-off" evaluation on how well they understand the topics in the lesson.

The last lesson in each chapter is a short lab. After each lab is completed, the Sutherland HDL eTutor will review the lab work and provide feedback on best coding practices. The Sutherland HDL eTutor is also available throughout the course to answer questions through e-mail, Skype or online meetings. Labs can be done using the engineer's company's server and preferred SystemVerilog simulator, or by remotely logging onto Sutherland HDL's training server (which is setup with Mentor's Questa simulator).

With Sutherland HDL's eTutored training, engineers can fit the training to their schedule, instead of rearranging their schedule to fit the training, and can focus on the topics that are important to what they need to learn. After enrolling, engineers can complete the eTutoredSelf-paced online workshop in 2 to 30 days. Each engineers determines his or her pace for completing the lessons and labs. Sutherland HDL's eTutoredSelf-paced online workshops provide the most flexible and self-customizable SystemVerilog training in the industry.

Sutherland HDL eTutoredSelf-paced online workshops are under development. The first workshop, "Verilog and SystemVerilog Language Foundations" is expected to be available in Q4-2015.

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Sutherland HDL training workshops are also available as:

•  Instructor-led onsite private workshops

•  Instructor-led eTutoredlive online workshops

•  Licensed training materials for use in in-house training programs