Sutherland HDL Licensed Training Materials

A simple annual license allows usage of Sutherland HDL's best-in-class training guides, thought-provoking labs, and instructor PowerPoint slides. The license allows your company to have internal instructors train up to 250 company employees each at a low cost. Sutherland HDL also provides train-the-trainer and instructor support to go along with the licensed materials. Developing and maintaining superior SystemVerilog training materials is difficult and time consuming. Licensing the use of Sutherland HDL's best-in-class materials can save time and money, and significantly improve the training and skills within a company.

In brief, the license agreement includes:

The annual license pricing structure is simple and cost effective -- just $25,000 USD per course, with a 10% renewal discount on subsequent years. These prices can be a substantial cost and time savings over the cost of internally preparing and maintaining quality training materials and well thought out labs!

Sutherland HDL also offers train-the-trainer service for $10,000 USD per course and per session, plus any travel costs. Multiple instructors can be trained in a session. The training session includes an extensive 8-hour review of the training materials via one or more internet meetings, followed by co-teaching a class, where an expert Sutherland HDL instructor sits in on a training class and assists the company instructor as much as is requested. Note that the PowerPoint presentation slides often include supplemental information in the notes area for use by both instructors or students, but do not include specific instructor dialog. Instructors are expected to be subject-matter experts who understand the information in the course, and to make their own personal notations regarding each PowerPoint slide during the train-the-trainer process.

Sutherland HDL training workshops are also available as:

•  Instructor-led onsite private workshops

•  Instructor-led eTutoredlive online workshops

•  Instructor-mentored eTutoredself-paced online workshops